Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Publix - Installing New Blinkies 3/24 - 3/30!

Just wanted to take a second and pass along some great information I just finished reading and had to pass around to all my couponing friends........ of course giving credit to the source is a must.....or well my personal belief.......  just my small way of showing my love and gratitude to all the people in cyber world that do all they do to help you, me and millions more by devoting many hours to digging up this type of information..... You Gotta love all the love we couponers share with each other........ With that, Thanks go out to Knitternut @ AFullCup for this heads up..... 

Publix stores have been and should continue to have new blinkie machines with the following goodies pooping up thrue the end of the month (the installation that is .... the machines will stay past then of course.)  

Here is the entire post from Knitternut at AFullCup:

New blinkies will be going up in Publix between 3/24 and 3/30. Reps have till 3/30 to put them up.

Blinkies will be up for four weeks. YMMV

The first four are staying up from last month

Airwick Scented Oils .75
Heluva Good .75 
Simply Smart .55 
Stevia .55 cents and $1.00
Benadryl $1.00 
Blue Diamond $.55 
Boost $1.00
Carnation Breakfast $1.00
Dole Fruit Cups $.55 
Finish Quantum $1.00
Healthy Choice .75
International Delight $1.00 off 2 
Kashi Steam Meals 1.50
Martha White $1.00 
NY Texas Toast $.55 
Reynolds Foil .55

Thanks again, Knitternut @ AFullCup! 

For those that are new to blinkies........ boy are you in for a treat......... here is a small explanation into the treasures that can be found in that little box with the blinking light that 
will soon be calling your name when you innocently pass by......... 

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