Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Happy Now am I - for I got my freebies at Publix this week!

What a fabulous shopping this past Friday night at Publix, better then I planned! I actually went prepared complete with spreadsheet printed all in effort to shorten my hunt and speedline my conquest. As the story goes.... every plan has it's shortfalls and mine was the fact they were out of half the things on my list! Being the trooper I am (deal hunter is more like it...) I quickly converted from well planned - ready to fly down the isles to spending an hour or so just at the clearance rack back and forth thru the pages of my binder (this is why it is good to also have your binder with you as a great back up.... see my couponing 101 for more on this....)

In any case, my evening was absolutely one of my best yet..... but enough of my ramblings... a picture speaks volumes and when you look at these .... realize I purchased everything you see for under $30! I am still in shock! I didn't even realize how well this worked out.... and then my Besssttttiiieeee coupon buddy Lori, pointed out that I could also now send in for at least two of the Olay $15 rebates - making this a Money Maker night instead....

and now that the sneak preview ad is ready for this coming week's sales - I am working hard to get it ready to share all those wonderful deals - hopefully there will be some great money makers this coming week too! I will keep you posted and should have the sneak preview up and posted today...... I am working off a new source for information and I am trying it out first as it is a tiny bit confusing at first glance but if it turns out to be as fruitful as it promises I will give you all the 411! It cost $5 a week (which is why I am trying it out first to make sure it is worth yours and my hard earned savings........... so far, judging by this past shopping trip ....... it is!!!!! 

If you don't want to wait for the full review and don't mind jumping in a experimenting with me then here is the link...Save More Here With Divalicious Couponing! .. you can cancel at any time and like I said it does cost $5 a week, but heck I pay much more then that for papers and this site is saving me tons.... it has all the links for the stores, their inside deals and more....... or you can let me keep playing with it and I will give you a full break down over the next few days after I am done test driving my first $5 or $10 dollars..... so far..... it's a big thumbs up!

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