Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sweetbay Store Coupon Alert - This Sunday's Paper

This week's Sweetbay Supermarket Sale's Ad - Dated 3/28/12 - 4/3/12 states that a Special Coupon worth $10 off your next purchase (which as we all know and love.... PUBLIX will accept too!) will be hiding in the Tampa Bay Area Sunday Newspapers (Tampa Tribune and Tampa Times.)

I am not sure if the other regions will be included in this coupon deal (I would imagine so - but not positive!)  In any case, I am sure the Tampa Bay Area Papers are! If you do live in another region - no problem, it is easy to find out if your area will be participating...... simply pull your current Sweetbay Sales Ad and look for this note at the bottom of the front page..... if you find it, please add a comment to this post to share with others they may not yet know!

Don't forget to go grab some of the NEW FREE PRINTABLE COUPONS available while they last HERE - there are some nice ones that pair up with many of the Publix BOGO's that start in the morning!

Happy Coupon Hunting!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Walgreen's has a great deal on Got2b Stylers and Viva Paper Towels...... got2get me some!!!!!

There are some great deals at Walgreens this week that with a little strategizing you can acquire for very little money out of pocket..... or OOP for those that like abbreviations......
I am starting out this week with my $10 RR left over from last week and here is my plan....... please leave me a comment and tell me what you think!
Transaction One Scenario
Buy: (1) Act Rinse$4.99, (2) Viva Paper Towels $5.99 ea and (3) Van Camp, $1.49 and 2 Got2B Stylers $10
($4.99 + $11.98 + $4.47 + $10 = $31.44 Total)
Use: (1) $1/1 Act MQ, (2) $3 Got2b MQ, (RP 2/12/12), $.50/2 Viva MQ and $1/1 Viva SQ (-$2) and Van Camp SQ (-$2.40)

$31.44 - $13.40 (MQ & SQ) = $18.04 and Redeem $10 RR from last week = 
Pay: $8.04 OOP
Get Back: (1) Act $2 RR and (1) Viva $4 RR  and (1) $5 Got2b RR ($11 RRs Total) 

Transaction Two Scenario

Buy: (2) Lever 2pks (BOGO) $2.79, (4) Niagara Starch, $1.29 ea, and 2 Baby Wipes, sale 2/$10, (3) Van Camp, $1.49 and (6) McCormick Spices, (reg $1.29 sale for $.69)
($2.79 + $5.16 + $10 +$4.47 +$4.14 = $26.56 Total) 
Use: (2) $1/1 Lever MQ, (6) $.75/1 McCormick MQ (they only ring @ -$.69; no overages allowed @ Wags), (4) $.50/1 Niagara MQ, (1) Wipes MQ found on package, (3) Van Camps SQ ($2.40)
$26.56 - $11.54 (MQ & SQ's) = $15.02 and Redeem:
(1) $2 Act RR, (1) Viva $4 RR, (1) $5 Got2b RR = (minus $11 RR)
Pay: $4.02 OOP
What will it cost me in the end...........I Will Pay:  $8.04 + $4.02 = $12.06 (plus taxes) and all these products are regularly priced @ around $75 (plus taxes)  
That’s approximately a 84% savings!
Of course I did not factor in the tax as that would be very hard to do considering all the various tax rates throughout the country .... so that may drop the figure a tiny bit..... but lets just say a 80% savings is still awesome to me!!

NOW THAT'S DiVa-Licious Style!

Publix - Installing New Blinkies 3/24 - 3/30!

Just wanted to take a second and pass along some great information I just finished reading and had to pass around to all my couponing friends........ of course giving credit to the source is a must.....or well my personal belief.......  just my small way of showing my love and gratitude to all the people in cyber world that do all they do to help you, me and millions more by devoting many hours to digging up this type of information..... You Gotta love all the love we couponers share with each other........ With that, Thanks go out to Knitternut @ AFullCup for this heads up..... 

Publix stores have been and should continue to have new blinkie machines with the following goodies pooping up thrue the end of the month (the installation that is .... the machines will stay past then of course.)  

Here is the entire post from Knitternut at AFullCup:

New blinkies will be going up in Publix between 3/24 and 3/30. Reps have till 3/30 to put them up.

Blinkies will be up for four weeks. YMMV

The first four are staying up from last month

Airwick Scented Oils .75
Heluva Good .75 
Simply Smart .55 
Stevia .55 cents and $1.00
Benadryl $1.00 
Blue Diamond $.55 
Boost $1.00
Carnation Breakfast $1.00
Dole Fruit Cups $.55 
Finish Quantum $1.00
Healthy Choice .75
International Delight $1.00 off 2 
Kashi Steam Meals 1.50
Martha White $1.00 
NY Texas Toast $.55 
Reynolds Foil .55

Thanks again, Knitternut @ AFullCup! 

For those that are new to blinkies........ boy are you in for a treat......... here is a small explanation into the treasures that can be found in that little box with the blinking light that 
will soon be calling your name when you innocently pass by......... 

Happy Happy Now am I - for I got my freebies at Publix this week!

What a fabulous shopping this past Friday night at Publix, better then I planned! I actually went prepared complete with spreadsheet printed all in effort to shorten my hunt and speedline my conquest. As the story goes.... every plan has it's shortfalls and mine was the fact they were out of half the things on my list! Being the trooper I am (deal hunter is more like it...) I quickly converted from well planned - ready to fly down the isles to spending an hour or so just at the clearance rack back and forth thru the pages of my binder (this is why it is good to also have your binder with you as a great back up.... see my couponing 101 for more on this....)

In any case, my evening was absolutely one of my best yet..... but enough of my ramblings... a picture speaks volumes and when you look at these .... realize I purchased everything you see for under $30! I am still in shock! I didn't even realize how well this worked out.... and then my Besssttttiiieeee coupon buddy Lori, pointed out that I could also now send in for at least two of the Olay $15 rebates - making this a Money Maker night instead....

and now that the sneak preview ad is ready for this coming week's sales - I am working hard to get it ready to share all those wonderful deals - hopefully there will be some great money makers this coming week too! I will keep you posted and should have the sneak preview up and posted today...... I am working off a new source for information and I am trying it out first as it is a tiny bit confusing at first glance but if it turns out to be as fruitful as it promises I will give you all the 411! It cost $5 a week (which is why I am trying it out first to make sure it is worth yours and my hard earned savings........... so far, judging by this past shopping trip ....... it is!!!!! 

If you don't want to wait for the full review and don't mind jumping in a experimenting with me then here is the link...Save More Here With Divalicious Couponing! .. you can cancel at any time and like I said it does cost $5 a week, but heck I pay much more then that for papers and this site is saving me tons.... it has all the links for the stores, their inside deals and more....... or you can let me keep playing with it and I will give you a full break down over the next few days after I am done test driving my first $5 or $10 dollars..... so far..... it's a big thumbs up!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Publix - $.80 cent Money Maker Deals - I Can't Believe It's Butter March 22 - 28 2012

This is what couponers dream about....... sugar plum goodies (and everything else) with little coupons dancing in our binders that end up as money makers at the check out counters..........

This week, March 22-28 2012, The Publix store's have a great money maker deal available (if you live outside of Florida - please check your local ads as they sometimes differ slightly by dates or deals)


I Cant Believe Its Not Butter Spread 15 oz or 2 pk 7.5 oz tub. Assorted varieties
I Cant Believe Its Not Butter Spray 8 oz bottle. Assorted varieties
I Cant Believe Its Not Butter 16 oz box. Assorted varieties
I Cant Believe Its Not Butter 10 oz bottle. Assorted varieties

Here is the scenario of saving for you:

Regular Retail cost for Two:                
Store Special This Week:                    BOGO Sale
Final Price After In Store Special:        $1.23 each 
                                                     (buy1get1 free = $2.45/.50% = $1.23)

Use 2 of these manufacture coupons: $1.25/ 1 Printable Manufacturer Coupon! 
(If you don't find it - try using Zip Code 74601 or 90210!)


Use 1 of this $75/2 Target Store Coupon: $.75/ 2 Printable Target Coupon! 

(Remember Publix takes competitor's coupons - so if your store accepts Target this is a great deal for you!)

Your Final Cost Per Two Items:

Two for FREE +$0.80 money maker profit!

This is a great money maker that if you multiple this deal over and over you you can really have a good amount of cash to purchase other things on your shopping list you may not have coupons for...... 

Remember you can print upto 2 of the printable coupons per computer - so if you have access to more computers..... more coupons for you! 

So go load up on some great buttery spread and put a little change in your pockets doing it!

Don't forget to donate all that extra butter to a family in need! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Advance Auto Part - Deal Alert - $20 of $75+ Order for a limited time............

This is a great deal currently going on at Advance Auto Parts.... just click HERE to shop now and save $20 of $75+ order at Advance Auto Part! 

If for some reason your discount doesn't show up - here is the coupon code you can enter manually at check out to receive this special! Enjoy!

Coupon Code: BIG20

Earn Money While You Shop + Coupons, Coupon Codes..... much much more....

Click Here To Join, Just Look Around or Shop!
If you love shopping on the internet and saving big with companies like AT&T, Kmart, Walmart, Ebay and so many more..... then you have got to check out this site.... it is free to join and you really EARN REAL CASH deposited to your personal PayPal account making purchases you already make on line.....

They have a great tutorial - but this is the simple version....... you just have to either remember to sign into your bigcrumbs account and connect to your stores directly from there before you shop....... (which is always a great way to do so you see the unadvertised specials only open to Big Crumb users)...... or you can set up your favorites in your tool bar on your browser and click on the links and be directed to the store automatically - as long as you see the quick little 2 or 3 second notice of crediting all the purchases to "your id" when you click then you know your golden and everything you order you make back cash directly applied to your paypal account! Here are just some of the examples of purchases that I do on a regular basis that I would do with or without bigcrumbs and they have really paid off big for me.....

Best Buy     Disney     Dillard's     Travelocity    Walgreens     Walmart     Sears 

These are just a few.... there are hundreds...... almost any store you can think of I believe.... LOL! Just kidding but there are tons! This is no gimmick either..... I personally have compared the "regular links" for example tying in my browser..... - looked around - then went and clicked on my Disney Link inside my "Big Crumb Access Links" and the prices are either the exact same or BETTER! Yes, seriously sometimes even cheaper for me when I use Big Crumbs! I have checked this store after store and so far NEVER found anything weird! BUT don't trust me........ check for yourself! I seriously invite you to do the same!

 You can't loose as it is completely free to sign up, there is not stupid program requirement (I HATE THEM! NO, BETER, I DETEST THEM! Nope, still not right........ I DESPISE THOSE "you have to do 3 levels.... bla bla bla bla GIMMICKS! ....... Do you get my point here! LOL!) Big Crumbs NEVER spams you to death, they don't sell your info, and there are even forums that if you spend the time to go into them and read the other hard core users - you can learn how to REALLY generate some revenue by teaching your friends (just like I am teaching you now.....) how to save money for themselves and earn money while doing it......

Sound overwhelming....... don't worry - I will even let you copy my post here to use on your blogs, emails, ect... to share with your friends...... all you would need to do SO YOU EARN YOUR REFERRALS and not me - would be to just change it around changing your referal link info in each link...... and if you have any trouble figuring out how to do that I can help you by email or phone.... just contact me!)

I am here to teach you how to save, learn and earn and this is one heck of an awesome opportunity - I owe it to all my readers, friends, and family to share this.......... this is just to good to not pass on (pay it forward!) ...... I have been a member of Big Crumbs for a few years now and I always kinda forget about it until I get a deposit - and it recharges my love for it! I honestly haven't worked it like I should or could and I have still made I believe $200 or $300 doing nothing other then clicking on links I sat up back in 2009 to my favorite stores (those I listed above and then some - ebay use to be on there but they pulled out.... don't know why..... they didn't want to share I guess) and by just buying stuff like usual - I made money!

Imagine what would have happened had I tried to make money with this program....... well I can't go back to 2009, but 2012 is here and I will let you know what happens from here on out...........

Thanks for reading - NOW go make some money for yourself!!!!!!


 If You like to have access to these exclusive member only deals and just 

AND gain access to membership exclusive deals using my links (discounts and promotions)......... This will let you try out without using any of your information......  membership level access ON ME! Then once you see what I am telling you here is 1000000 percent true - you can join then and be hooked just like me! 
Yep, I have no problem admitting that I am hooked on Savings!!! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vocalpoint: Over $7 worth of coupons for Pro-Health Clinical Coupons from Crest & Oral-B ~ HURRY!

Check out this great deal for coupons I just bumped into - they are fabulously free and for one of my favorite products! I use the clinical Pro-Health Toothpaste all the time and love love love it! These coupons will make them super affordable for me now, especially if I find a great sale going on to pair them with! I hope you grab yourself some too before they are all gone!

Check your Vocalpoint account! 

If you hurry, you’ll be able to request
more than $7 worth of coupons for
Pro-Health Clinical products from Crest and Oral-B!

If you’re not a member of VocalPoint, click HERE to join.  It’s FREE and they give you great coupons and FREE stuff!
Sign in to you account, then go HERE to see if you can get the coupon!
Remember - you have to be a member to get this deal and it's free to join! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Free Crystal Light at CVS this Week.....

Free deal alert @ CVS this week on Crystal Light single packs!

Check your coupon inserts from yesterday's paper for a coupon to save $1/2 on Crystal Light. This is a great coupon as it has no size restrictions and can be used on the single packs like those on sale this week at CVS or any other store you may find them at priced at or below $.50 each! 

I have found these packets near the cooler area of the stores located near my home and they are priced at 2/$1, which equals two for free! 

These are great to slip in your purse or to send in your child's lunch box ready to add to a bottle of water on the go for a little extra dash of flavor! 

Deal Scenario: Buy 2 single Crystal Light packs @ .50 each - using the $1 off two coupon (SS 03/18/12)

Final Price = Free! 

You can also check here for free downloadable coupons also if you are running short of inserts, often I find the same brands here that I find over the course of 2 or 3 weeks of inserts! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Walgreens Deal Alert - Mars Easter Candy Singles Free after MQ at Walgreens (3/18-3/24) No RRs involved!

Mars Easter Candy Singles Free at Walgreens (3/18 - 3/24) No RRs involved!  I don't need them but love free candy!

Mars Easter Candy Singles 2/$1 (Walgreens coupon in their sales paper today) 
Paired with the $1/2 Mars Easter Products Manufactures Coupon in the 3/1812 RP.... equals free yummy chocolate goodness! 

Thanks Fabulously Frugal for this great tip...... I went to Walgreens this morning and didn't get to enjoy this deal - but boy oh boy did I ever get lots of candy ..... and tons of other great deals..... (pics and details coming later today...) 

$2 Publix Deli Coupon in Today’s Paper! (Times and Tribune - Tampa Bay Area)

Sorry picture is not great.... taken on my iphone!
I am loving my Sunday morning scavenger-hunts lately (browsing for coupon goodies thru the regular sections of the newspapers....) and .... drum roll please.......we have a winner!! Once again, Publix has released a $2 store Deli Coupon! 
The coupon is good thru this Sat 3/24.
Don’t forget that Sweetbay will also accept this coupons (they accept competitors coupons!)
I am thinking subs for lunch (I have to use up all that free bread I have left from yesterday's $2 of bakery coupons.) 
I am loving it.......Thanks Publix!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Super Saving's Scenario...PUBLIX DEAL ALERT - Kraft MilkBites, Philadelphia Cooking Creme, Philadelphia Indulgence Cream Cheese Spreads... ENDS TODAY 3-16-2012!!!

Just a friendly reminder to all my blogging coupon buddies that the Publix Yellow "Lucky Savings" Flyer's Deals End Today 3-16-2012!

 Free Printable Coupons Here!

$2/2 Participating Items: Philadelphia Cooking Creme, MilkBite, Philadelphia Indulgence, Fresh Take and Oscar Mayer Selects Beef Franks (including Angus) 15-16 oz

Philadelphia Cooking Creme 10 oz,
On Sale for 2/$4
Less Manufacture Coupon (MQ) $.55/1 Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Creme, exp. 3/31/2012 (SS 02/26/12) stacked with the Publix Yellow Flyer Store Coupon (SQ) $2/2
Final OOP Cost = $.90 for two!
Buy (2), use (1) $2/2 SQ and (2) $.55/1 MQ! Save $3.10 on (2)!

MilBite Milk & Granola Bars 5pk -
On Sale for 2/$4 
Less Manufacture Coupon (MQ) $.75/1 Kraft Milkbite Milk and Granola Bars, exp. 3/31/2012 (SS 2/26/2012) stacked with the Publix Yellow flyer Store Coupon (SQ) $2/2
Final OOP Cost = $.50 for two! 
Buy (2), use (1) $2/2 SQ and (2) $.75/1 MQ! Save $3.50 on (2)!

Kraft Fresh Take Cheese & Breadcrumb Mix,

On Sale for 2/$4 
Less Manufacture Coupon (MQ) $1.00/1 Kraft Fresh Take Cheese & Breadcrumb Mix, exp. 3/31/2012 (SS 2/26/2012) stacked with the Publix Yellow flyer Store Coupon (SQ) $2/2
Final OOP Cost = $.00 for two! That's FREE FREE FREE!
Buy (2), use (1) $2/2 SQ and (2) $1/1 MQ! Save $4.00 on (2)!

I have also found a $1.50/2 Manufacture Coupon here for any of the above three products  but it appears to be regional (and not in the Tampa Bay area region) so just plugged in a variety of zip codes until I got one to pop up........ still makes this a great deal if you don't have the above newspaper coupons!

So, don't forget to go grab up these great deals (or rainchecks if you can't find the product.... most Publix Stores I have personally dealt with will honor the expired store coupon if they are out of stock (not an expired manufactor coupon just the store coupon....)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ken's Salad Dressing SUPER DEAL at Winn Dixie - Buy 1 Get 5 for FREE (now thru 3/20 at Winn Dixie)

Ken’s Salad Dressing 9 oz, BOGO ($2.39)
–Get Like Item Only (only 3 flavors are carried in the 9 oz size, Ceasar, Vidalia Onion and Blue Cheese)
B2G1 Ken’s Dressing, exp. 4/30/12 (Smart Source 3/11/12)
Example Deal Scenario
Buy: (6) Ken’s Salad Dressing 9 oz, @ $2.39 
Use: (2) B2G1 Coupons
Final Price: $2.39 for (6) or only $0.40 each! That's buy 1 get 5 Free.... how's that for Fuzzy Math! LOL!
How does that work?
When you buy (6), you are going to get (3) of them FREE just because it is a BOGO sale.
You can use (2) B2G1 coupons which make (2) more of the salad dressings FREE.
That’s a total of (5) FREE!!!
This type of scenario (a BOGO sale with a B2G1 coupon) comes up every few weeks at many stores and on all types of products. The Milk Bone Dog Biscuits were that way until tonight at Publix, and a few weeks ago the Classico Sauce was...... So don't turn your nose up when you see those B2G1 Coupons..... they are more valuable then money!