Divalicious Couponing is able to offer an exclusive discount for The Tampa Bay Times - Home Delivery for new customers or add- on upgrades (extra papers per week.) Priced especially for Divalicious Couponers wishing to purchase multiple copies of Sunday newspapers!

Get yours today before the prices go back up.....

(Some restrictions apply for rural deliveries in some areas - based on zip code) Also, prices are based on Hillsborough County only, we also have special pricing available for Pinellas, West Pasco, Hernando and Citrus and Manatee..... Please, email me if you live in one of these counties for your special pricing...(usually only slightly higher if at all then the Hillsborough pricing. 

7 Day Delivery Rate (Hillsborough excluding zip codes 33563 & 33566 ):
$26.00 a Year ($0.50 cents a week) for one paper a day - Sunday thru Saturday


Making it just $0.45 cents more a week for each extra Sunday Only Paper Delivered (so an additional $23.40 a year - per each extra Sunday paper ordered) 

Here is the Pricing Scenario for example of someone that wants one paper a day PLUS an additional 3 Sunday Papers a week (1 paper per day - Mon thru Sat - 6 days AND 4 papers on Sunday):

4 Sunday Papers!
1 paper per day - Mon thru Sat (6 days a week) AND 4 papers on Sunday

**$26.00 7 day a week order
**$23.40 x 3 (for 3 xtra Sunday Only Papers)
**$96.20 one time payment for the entire year...... equaling approximately .07 cents a day for all these papers! What a DEAL!

Of course we can also offer more Sunday Papers up to 10 additional per household at the following rates:

6 Sunday Papers!
1 paper per day - Mon thru Sat (6 days a week) AND 6 papers on Sunday

**$26.00 7 day a week order
**$23.40 x 5 (for 5 xtra Sunday Only Papers)
**$143.00 one time payment for the entire year

8 Sunday Papers!
1 paper per day - Mon thru Sat (6 days a week) AND 8 papers on Sunday

**$26.00 7 day a week order
**$23.40 x 7 (for 7 xtra Sunday Only Papers)
**$189.80 one time payment for the entire year

10 Sunday Papers! (MAX Available Per Household!)
1 paper per day - Mon thru Sat (6 days a week) AND 10 papers on Sunday

**$26.00 7 day a week order
**$23.40 x 9 (for 9 xtra Sunday Only Papers)
**$236.60 one time payment for the entire year

**Very Important**  This offer is only for new subscribers, or to ADD additional copies for current subscribers (the rates we are allowed to promote cannot and do not apply to/ nor are we able to change prior and or existing subscriptions***). If you currently subscribe at home I am only able to add on extra sundays at the above rate or you will need to be 30 plus days outside of your previous subscription.... (***call me for more explanations on this! (813) 624-7474.)

Please do not call Tampa Bay Times regarding or requesting these rates, as again, I am an independent Contractor for them and not directly employed by them, therefore, they will not offer you these deals as my rates have been negotiated via my contract and I am passing the savings on to you!!!! 

The Times accepts vacation holds/restarts request. Plus if for any reason your papers ever aren't delivered or are damaged in any way you can always call customer service and they will have you out a new set that same day (some restrictions apply to the same day rule, but in any case you will always get your papers to your satisfaction...) if you have ANY questions you can call me at 813-624-7474. This offer is only valid through Divalicious Couponing. 

Starting Your New or add-on Subscription: 

To access starting a new subscription at these great rates, there are two options available, first, you can fill out the following information and forward it to my email address Michelle_Filpo@me.com and I can process your order and email you back a temporary receipt and drop the hard copy in the mail to you, ect..... or MY FAVORITE Option: is for you to call me @ (813) 624-7474 and I will meet up with you (if you live in the Hillsborough County - Tampa/Brandon area ONLY!) to fill out everything with you in person... (which is a great option as I always provide you with FREE ADDITIONAL INSERTS FROM THE PREVIOUS WEEK'S PAPERS as my personal small thank you - and to get you started that same day with saving the divalicious way......... I will also include a list of great current deals happening that week using  the coupons I have included for you..... often, I can show you how to recoup your initial $26 investment that same day with the coupons I provide you free!) 

If you prefer the email option, here is the information I will needed in order to process your order: 

Check One:

__ New Start Only on 7 Day Subscriptions

__ Upgrade (Sunday Add-Ons Only) 

Frequency Requested

Quantity Requested:

____   -  7 days a week @ $26.oo a year

____   -  1 Additional add on Sunday Paper per week @ $23.40 a year

Delivery Street Address: 

type your street address

Zip Code: 

type in your zip code

Home Phone (with area code):

(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Email Address: 

Special Delivery Request: 

Billing Address (if different from the above):

type your billing address

Zip Code: 

type in your zip code


#1 - PREFERED METHOD....... in person! 

This is for your protection and mine as I am not a big fan of putting personal finance information in emails or on the web and for that reason, I will gladly meet up with you at a public location of your choice (Hillsborough County Area Only!) ..... for example: Publix, Walgreens, Church, YMCA, Library, a School, ect....... 

This way I can take your order and payment in person, have you sign your order slip, provide you a copy of the order and receipt for your records and best of all........

ALSO provide you with my exclusive thank you ..... getting started insert bonus for new subscribers! (read about this above under "Starting Your New or add-on Subscription:" section)

#2 - Credit Card Payments:

You can either pay Tampa Bay Times Directly by providing me your credit card information (not my favorite option at all ....... which is why I much prefer to do credit card orders in person, so that I am able to provide you the official receipt and Tampa Bay Times Order Form copies for your protection.....(which I will also mail out if necessary) .... (email for this option) 

#3 - Pay By Mail Via Check...... Made out to Tampa Bay Times!

You can send a check made out to Tampa Bay Times in the amount of the final invoice I email you after I receive your email request.........and I will process your order immediately and mail you back an original order confirmation slip for your records. However, please wait for me to send you an invoice and total before mailing out your payment! 

#4 - PayPal 

I can also accept payments via Pay Pal using this email address:    coupondiva7474@yahoo.com 

However, this is my least favorite option, but as I know everyone has a different set of needs and I didn't want to leave anyone out for any reason, so if you need this option, I can also offer it....... but again, please wait for me to send you an invoice, so that I can ensure I have all your information correct as to not delay your order! 

**Prices slightly higher for Pinellas and West Pasco County based on your zip code) Please email me for rates)

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