.......and not have to pay a single penny, nickel, dime or dollar to learn how, get started, get signed up, ect....... Instead, you just need a little time to read this, check out the site yourself, then sign up free and you'll be on the road to earning and all for free...... 
So, if you like to shop, want to earn money, like to talk and share a great deal with your friends..... I would suggest reading this very informal unofficial.... piece I put together to share with you......... how I do make money and you can to ...... Look at is as one friend helping another.. (I am just a simple lady..... maybe just like you - a Mom, Sister, or Daughter sitting at my computer spending time trying to learn how to save my family money and hey if I can earn some money too? Even Better! ).... 

Now, if you are still reading, congratulations, you are on the right track! 

You can learn all about this program by reading the information here on this page (kind of an insiders view of the program) then of course you should go HERE to read the information as provided on the actual site - then when you like, no LOVE what you see, you can sign up while you are there or you can come back to this page and click HERE to go directly to sign up page! And again, it is free! 

Then of course the rest is simple...... you will need the time  to enter your info and if you wish set up your profile  (here's mine for example... nothing fancy!) Pics, No pics - Bio, No Bio, again, up to you!) and of course the rest is all gravy...... you will want to take the time to read/learn from the site all the juicy delicious details I didn't have time or space to cover....... then of course you can turn to other users for help.... and for signing via my links....... you will have me in your circle to turn to for help too, ect..... plus, there are forums and thousands of other users! 

So that's pretty much the deep and dirty of it...........  No money needed, no spaminating you to death, no gimmicks, NOTHING....... just the desire to join/learn and earn..... 

That's it! Nothing is ever required - no quotas, no minimums, no nothings...... there are lots of opportunity and information - you can do as little or much and in what ever time frame you decide....you can dive in all at once or when your life allows you the time (I joined in 2009 and this is my first formal attempt to network.......Yep, three years! LOL!) 

Here is the Basics FAQ's as I see them...... 

No - You don't have to be a computer genius to join or make money using this program/club....

No - It will not cost you any money - not one single penny to join or learn......

No - You don't have to pay me or anyone money for info, books, emails, or whatever else the internet sharks (crooks) are charging everyone for these days.....

No - it isn't hard, instead it is as easy as just buying from the stores you already buy from online by using your membership links or accessing with shortcuts you set up with information they provide you with free - literally hundreds of stores, services like travel, Walmart, Target, JC Penny..... ect or maybe you have AT&T, Verizon or Sprint services...... you already pay them monthly..... so now, you can go online via your Big Crumbs account - click their link and pay your monthly service bills there - only difference now you will get paid back for doing it!  When was the last time the store handed you money back after you paid your cell bill in person? So far for me never! Plus, you will save time, energy, stamps and gas!

No - Your information will not be used, sold or spammed by Big Crumbs, Me or anyone by joining...... it is your private membership place/profile (kind of like a myspace or facebook feel to it....) You share as much or little as you want - PERIOD! You can network or just stick to yourself using it for discounts and savings ..... you can also block anyone that tries to be pushy or becomes annoying!

No - I am not going to promise you the sky or suggest you quit your day job or that you will become a millionaire because you joined....... sorry!

No - You don't have to complete any stupid 3 offers, or gold this or platnum thats..... what the heck is all that about anyway....... I have no idea....... they are just.... in a word...... ANNOYING trickery of greedy internet sharks again!

So that's it I believe for the NO's, Now, the YES's.....please read on if you would like to get paid to blog/post/tweet/ect... great deals you find while shopping on-line from your site's affiliate links (that's unheard of normally - right!) 

YES - This is as easy as sharing great deals you find while you are shopping the internet......

YES - You do this simply by sharing your affiliate links from Big Crumbs with your family and friends (and BIG CRUMBS doesn't care how, were, or when you do it as long as you are not spamming people or breaking laws, ect......) plus they have a super simple code/link generator so you don't have to figure out all the hard stuff - just copy and paste it right into your blog post, emails, or were ever....... no special permissions needed.....

Now maybe you don't want to do all that sharing, posting, linking stuff but you still love great deals and would love to earn money... you still can join, enjoy shopping while receiving the best deals available and you will be paid back a percentage of every purchase you make using your membership links... kind of a back end coupon...... and it is still free to join, still the same membership, profile, ect.... you just use and enjoy it from a different angle then some.... 
Differences at a glance of networking and shopping income verses shopping income alone....
YES - You still make money joining Big Crumbs....... just not as much! Using it for the deals is an awesome advantage too...... and you can decide any moment to throw a link out if you want....... or never at all...... Using it as an incentive program/discount avenue - means you will enjoy fabulous deals and receive bonuses back on the purchases you make....... still great! 

You can think of it as a free discount buyers club with exclusive offers and no fees! And if and when you want to tell your friends about it (trust me you eventually will want to share the great deals........ well, then you will get paid from that too when they shop or join or both too!

So follow me here.......... you can EARN MONEY two ways with this company.... First, by sharing deals and links on your blogs, websites, facebook, twitter or emails (you receive commissions on their purchases and if they join you get microscopic commissions on their recruits purchases too.....) Second, you earn money as a kickback percentage on your personal purchases online - receiving exclusive deals and offers..... by utilizing your membership links...... (see more on this here....)

If you are familar with affiliate marketing then you will see the value in this.... even thou it isn't exactly a traditional affiliate because they don't actually sell anything....... The main difference I find is you get to enjoy purchasing using your links and reaping your spending commission directly back without being penalized for it.....  which is really awesome because as many know - when you DO use affiliate companies on your websites/blogs you are penalized or banned when you by accident or purpose use the links on you sites to make purchases for yourself...... Meaning you can advertise the awesome deals you bump into on your membership account - share it on facebook, twitter, blog, emails, you name it - by pasting links - your links - the same ones you shop with in your message/post and when they click on it and find the deal amazing and decide to purchase....... you get the credit!

It gets better than that (hard to believe but true!!!) Let's say you have computer savy friends and they see the money making potential you are enjoying by sharing your deal findings with them and they decide as much as they love you, that they would rather put that money in their bank instead of yours....... no problem! You congratulate them on being as smart as you for realizing the great opportunity and then send them your refferal link to join under you........ were this link places them forever in your network (which doesn't change in anyway their earning potential or percentages) - what it does is gives them a direct line to you for help, guidance, networking, ect...... these are great reasons for them to sign using your link!

Now the reason YOU want them to join under your link is simple.....you will have them under you in your circle and you WILL MAKE money on their purchases and future signers purchases too......  no one loses ..... their earnings don't change nor do their signees....... Again, everyone benifits......

Now, don't get too many stars in your eyes yet! It is a great way to make a little more money - unless your downlines are heavy shoppers and everyone is a blog-a-holic and shares it with everyone - raking in millions themselves - then the reality is you will see a very tiny perk of cash, I like to think of as tiny thank you bonuses.... you will make most of your money as kickbacks from your personal shopping.

I look at this as a nice little thank you Big Crumbs shares with you for finding them new partners - but you wont become a millionaire hassling every sole you meet on the street...........  so don't get crazy trying to recruit the corner store butcher's twice removed sister in law that lives in Russia, that doesn't even speak english, nor you ever met, yet you don't sleep because you are searching night after night for her on facebook just to share your link with her........ (yes! This is an exaggeration (I'm a funny girl!) All joking aside, I believe in being as honest and informative as I can upfront! I don't like to be mislead and honestly there is no reason to do that - it only backfires in the end I believe!

If you love shopping on the internet and saving big with companies like AT&T, Kmart, Walmart, Ebay and so many more..... then you have to check out this site.... it is free to join and you really EARN REAL CASH deposited to your personal PayPal account making purchases you already make on line..... 

Here are some of the stores I save big and get paid to do it!  

Best Buy earning back 4.2%
Target    earning back 4.9%
Disney earning back 3.5%     
Dillard's earning back 2.8%
Travelocity earning back 3.5%  
Sam's Club earning back 1.225%
Walgreens    earning back 4.9%
Walmart   earning back 2.1%
Sears Outlet (great discounted deals!)  earning back 2.1%
Sears Regular Store earning back 2.8%
JC Penny earning back 3.5%
Joann's (My Favorite Craft Store!)  earning back 5.6% THAT HUGE!

These are just a few.... there are hundreds...... almost any store you can think of I believe.... LOL! Just kidding but there are tons! This is no gimmick either..... I personally have compared the "regular links" for example tying in my browser..... Disney.com - looked around - then went and clicked on my Disney Link inside my "Big Crumb Access Links" and the prices are either the exact same or BETTER! Yes, seriously sometimes even cheaper for me when I use Big Crumbs! I have checked this store after store and so far NEVER found anything weird! BUT don't trust me........ check for yourself! I seriously invite you to do the same! 

 You can't loose as it is completely free to sign up, there is not stupid program requirement (I HATE THEM! NO, BETER, I DETEST THEM! Nope, still not right........ I DESPISE THOSE "you have to do 3 levels.... bla bla bla bla GIMMICKS! ....... Do you get my point here! LOL!) Big Crumbs NEVER spams you to death, they don't sell your info, and there are even forums that if you spend the time to go into them and read the other hard core users - you can learn how to REALLY generate some revenue by teaching your friends (just like I am teaching you now.....) how to save money for themselves and earn money while doing it...... 

Sound overwhelming....... don't worry - I will even let you copy my post here to use on your blogs, emails, ect... to share with your friends...... all you would need to do SO YOU EARN YOUR REFERRALS and not me - would be to just change it around changing your referal link info in each link...... and if you have any trouble figuring out how to do that I can help you by email or phone.... just contact me!) 

I am here to teach you how to save, learn and earn and this is one heck of an awesome opportunity - I owe it to all my readers, friends, and family to share this.......... this is just to good to not pass on (pay it forward!) ...... I have been a member of Big Crumbs for a few years now and I always kinda forget about it until I get a deposit - and it recharges my love for it! I honestly haven't worked it like I should or could and I have still made I believe $200 or $300 doing nothing other then clicking on links I sat up back in 2009 to my favorite stores (those I listed above and then some - ebay use to be on there but they pulled out.... don't know why..... they didn't want to share I guess) and by just buying stuff like usual - I made money! 

Imagine what would have happened had I tried to make money with this program....... well I can't go back to 2009, but 2012 is here and I will let you know what happens from here on out...........  

Thanks for reading - NOW go make some money for yourself!!!!!! 


 If You like to have access to these exclusive member only deals and just 
AND gain access to membership exclusive deals using my links (discounts and promotions)......... This will let you try out without using any of your information......  membership level access ON ME! Then once you see what I am telling you here is 1000000 percent true - you can join then and be hooked just like me! 
Yep, I have no problem admitting that I am hooked on Savings!!! 

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