Helping Our Military By Sending In Your Expired Coupons!

If you haven't heard yet, Military families are able to use expired coupons for 6 months past their expiration date...........

WHAT to Do and WHERE to SEND Expired Grocery Coupons
"These coupons save us thousands of dollars each year when used frequently and truly make life living overseas more affordable. We truly can’t thank you enough for your support." - One of our many helpful coupon coordinators stationed overseas, we couldn't do this without them, or YOU! (quote from military recipient found on GST's page)

Here's how you can (and we do) send expired coupons to the Military?

  • If you have been couponing for a while now, you are probably accumulating some great expired coupons.  Don’t you just hate to toss them - makes me feel like I am tossing money in the garbage!  Truth is, in reality we are, but no more does this need to be the case........ as we can start blessing our military families outside the USA as they are permitted to use expired coupons!
  • Yes, you read that correctly............. Military bases outside of the USA will accept manufacture coupons up to 6 months past their expiration date.
  • Please note: this only applies to manufacture coupons, meaning, no store coupons are accepted (so please don’t included Target, Winn Dixie, Publix Green or Yellow flyers, ect....).

Here’s what you will want to do to help bless our friends that protect us and their familes:

  1. Get an envelope or “flat rate” box (what I use) to put all your coupons inside (they request that you only send coupons clipped please - no full inserts if possible (plus this will cut down on your postage cost because they will be considerably lighter!)  Priority Mail Boxes and Envelopes are provided for free from USPS, however, standard domestic postage rates do apply when you mail to an APO or FPO address - which is a fraction of the cost of overseas postage.
  2. Next, print a letter (similar to this one that you can copy and print if you'd like) to include with your coupons HERE.
  3. Choose a Military Family Services Center or Commissary (military base grocery store) to send the coupons to (see list from our friend Michelle HERE), writing the appropriate address on your printed form.
  4. Attach the correct postage and ship them away! THAT's IT! Simple - Right!
Note: The "HERE" link will point you to the appropriate pages with the current up to date information as provided by the founder and wonderful Michelle Jones  (GST Military Family Coupon Project) that has been making these blessings a reality to military families with this effort since 2007! So please don't be alarmed when you are redirected to another site once you click the "HERE" buttons..... I would post the information for you, however, it does change rather quickly and I am not equipt or qualified to 

**Also please note that this is a very intensive project and Michelle at GST has been running this program since 2007 and ask that if you also run a blog and want to share the related information related to addresses, ect.... please use the available links on the GST site as the information regarding which bases, ect.... are accepting and it is updated monthly and it would be a shame to go to all the effort to collect, pack and pay to ship your coupons to a base that is closed, moved, or no longer participating and all your hard work and efforts could end up in the trash instead of the family's hands that need them...... 

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