Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Zachary! Tribute Video for my son's Preschool Graduation - Let Them Be Little......

Five years ago today, God gave me a precious gift..... my last of three precious boys...... My Zachary!

Zachary, my youngest, turned 5 years old today!  He also graduates Preschool tomorrow................Where does the time go?
Here is a tribute video I made to celebrate his first four years and to play for him at his preschool graduation.
Grab a box of tissue (Warning .... if you are a parent - you will cry.....) Enjoy!

I'll be back to couponing next week - this week is all about him folks! 
Have Fun and God Bless and go hug your babies and let them be little - cuz their only that way for a while!


This little boy is my heart and my other two boys are the beats..... what a lucky Mommy I am!

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